Change Agent

I was invited by Brian Cole, Dean of the Music School of the University of North Carolina School of the Arts to give a residency devoted to helping define a new strategy for the School’s further development. The University is based in Winston Salem a thriving city with a population of some 250,000 and enjoys a modern campus with 4 other Schools devoted to Drama, Filmmaking, Dance and Design and Production. Brian is one of the most creative and innovative thinkers in music HE with his mind and enthusiasms focused very much in the contemporary world. The Chancellor of the University Lindsay Bierman is cut from the same cloth and together they make a formidable team in shaping a new agenda for the arts. My work with Brian is to advise on the process of change and to be there to critique his ideas. I am deeply committed to the whole idea of process and how this relates to change. Process provides the foundations for transparency, inclusivity and consensus building and most of all success. The results of an effective process can be remarkable in providing a collaborative dialogue for development and ownership of the means to move the agenda forward. Brian and his team have certainly bought into this and they are already making great progress in establishing a new Vision and Plan for the School. This residency also involved me with the students and Faculty in one on one meeting and two set piece lectures on Social Entrepreneurship and then Classical Music and the Contemporary World. The quality of discussion and the creativity demonstrated across the board identifies this School as one to follow for the future. And I will continue my work there next academic year!