In March last year I visited the Thornton School of Music at USC for a residency where I worked with my old friend the Dean, Rob Cutietta. The School can best be described as a cauldron for innovation and creativity as it combines the two sides of the music industry, Classical and Contemporary. By Contemporary I mean jazz, technology, music production, song writing, contemporary performance, and film scoring. Here in the Contemporary Department entrepreneurship is not taught, it is on a default system and is just expected. Bringing these two sides of the music world together is one of the most fascinating challenges in music HE as there is so much to learn from both sides. My sense is that Rob and Chris Sampson, who heads up the Contemporary Division, are more than up to the task. It was great and very stimulating to be part of their work.

I wrote two extensive blogs about the Thornton School for Huffington analyzing the overall programs called Nexus 1 and Nexus II.