The power and efficacy of Social Entrepreneurship is making a huge impact on our world. It is motivated by the need for social justice and social change. 

Social Entrepreneurs have successfully tackled some of the most difficult and complex problems of our world; poverty, abuse, corruption, environmental change, educational needs, at risk children, housing, economic development, food deprivation. They have done this by harnessing the power of change to redefine the term profit to mean social improvement and in so doing have made a major contribution to the development of our world.

They can change systems and promulgate solutions through successful and sustainable models whether through a profit or not for profit model. The Leaders of these programs are highly skilled visionaries who can balance passion with pragmatic business thinking.
Social Entrepreneurship has become a focus in my life and I am now helping organizations such as Berklee and the Nordic Association of Music Academies to create experiential training programs that can harness the power of music and develop the skills of musicians to make a potent contribution to this field. 

Social Entrepreneurship is a passion and I am concerned that the arts in general have only now started to venture into this essential area of development. This keynote address given at the Curtis Institute of Music in 2017 introduced the subject to some really outstanding young musicians. It seemed to inspire a great deal of discussion which I hope will lead to positive results.