How to Change the World

I have a tremendous passion for Social Entrepreneurship, (or Social Impact Projects) and its important place in the world and I have been giving lectures and workshops about its relevance and application to the arts and music for many years now. The power of music is I believe a huge force for social change and social justice. I have been giving my lecture/workshop many times in recent months, including the Association Nordic of Music Academies in Tallinn Estonia in April 2016, and for the Stockholm Concert Hall, Conservatoire of Music and The Philharmonic Orchestra in February 2017 and in March 2017 for the School for Music at the University of North Carolina School for the Arts, at the Curtis Institute of Music and twice for Berklee Valencia. The music schools’ format allowed students the opportunity to discuss Social Impact case studies and to experiment with their own ideas and projects. This extends music’s role and life allowing a level of social engagement that concerts per se just cannot achieve. I have been delighted and inspired by the creativity that students pour into this challenge and it is my hope that Social Impact programs will become a major feature of all music schools.

My Huffington blog on this “How to Change the World” gives many more ideas about this subject.